About Repcillin

Effective solution to all your problem skin conditions. Loved and Trusted since 2005

Repcillin Story

Our passion for amazing Crocodile Oil started in 2005. John Sweet was watching a BBC documentary about the incredible properties of the immune system in crocodiles. We researched about the properties of amazing Crocodile Oil ourselves and after tweaking formulae- Repcillin was born.

We couldn't wait to share our products with everyone. Over ten years later we are still as passionate about Repcillin as when we first started.

Repcillin Production

Repcillin is 100% made in South Africa. We support local businesses, helping them to maintain and create employment and we try to keep our impact on the environment to a minimum.

Repcillin products are made and packaged in HACP , GMP and ISO accredited facilities. The ingredients in Repcillin formulations are sourced from reputable, sustainable farms and are of the highest quality.