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Hotspots and Itchy Pet Skin? Let Repcillin Help.

Dogs suffer with fleas, mites and allergies. They can scratch themselves till they bleed. Hot weather doesn't help as this is usually when the flea season sets in too.
You can put all the precautions in place for flea treatment and your dog still scratches. Repcillin helps in many ways.
The Repcillin oil will ease skin soreness, as it's anti inflammatory. It reduces the redness.
Repcillin oil can "suffocate" surface mites, parasites and fungus. The Omega content of the Oil will help the skin to repair.
Apply frequently to your dogs hot spots, red patches, bald patches. It won't matter if it licks the Oil. It's full of natural goodness. SUNBURN: dogs, cats, bunnies, sheep, pigs, goats can all suffer with sunburn on their hairless extremities (ear, snouts, noses)
Repcillin oil is great as an after sun, once the sun goes down.. It will soothe the burn and replenish the skin's natural oils. .

Struggling with your Child's Eczema?

For most types of eczema, the best you can do is manage the condition and its symptoms You have to be aware of what triggers it off. Often This can be allergies, change of seasons and most definitely stress.
It helps to have a regular and consistent bathing and moisturising routine. This is is where REpcillin helps. There are no harsh chemicals and no cortisone in our products, so there's no need for a doctors /prescription.
A bathing regime should be simple Soak in a warm bath or take a shower and then moisturize immediately afterward (within three minutes). You can use a few drops of Repcillin oil in a baby's bathwater and simply pat dry afterwards.
You can use our ultra gentle soap for washing in the shower and moisturise with Repcilin oil afterwards. If there are hotspots on your child such as the creases of the elbow then apply Repcilin balm and cover with a bandage to ensure it stays and soaks and also to stop them scratching and opening the skin.
You should put mittens on your baby to stop them scratching. This helps prevent secondary infection, which is a worse problem.
Prevention is the key, always have a tube of Repcillin handy to stop a flare up in its tracks..

Take the Bite Out of Insects Bites with Repcillin

When an insect bites you it leaves its saliva in your skin. Your body reacts to this saliva by producing histamine. This makes the blood vessels near the bite enlarge and you end up with a pink itchy bump.
Since the bite is so itchy, you can't help but scratch it.
This creates a vicious circle where the irritation causes you to scratch, making it more inflamed and causing it to itch more. There are lots of home remedies such as honey and baking soda paste you can try, but a small application of Repcillin balm will always work wonders. It is effective for a variety of insect bites, including spider bites.
The itching soon stops, the soreness reduces, so you break the itch scratch circle.
It's also safe to use on delicate skin.

Achieve Soft Kissable Lips this Summer

Dry and chapped lips are a common problem and can be caused by the following:
Medication dehydrating your skin
Change in climate temperature - both hot and cold and the wind
Allergy to your lipsticks
Using a soothing and nourishing lip balm will normally sort out this problem and bring immediate relief, Repcillin is ultra soothing for your lips and can be applied as often as required.
Other lip problems such as fever blisters and cold sores are common but more difficult and are caused by Herpes simplex virus, which is contagious - so careful who you kiss!! And no sharing your lip balms or lip sticks!
Cheilitis is also more difficult and caused by a Candida fungal infection, once again this can be a common complaint.The corners of the lips become very sore and swollen/ infected. The anti fungal content of Repcillin helps with this. Once again, no sharing of lip balms !

Razor Burn Advice:

If you're a guy and shave daily you will probably get razor burn at some stage.
It's very sore and can cause tenderness and bumps on the face.
The best thing to do is stop shaving to wait for the tenderness to go.
Apply a soothing and versatile balm like Repcillin, which will take down the inflammation ( the burning sensation) and prevent infection.