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Dry Hands? Sore Itchy Skin? Let Repcillin Help.

Our hands are work intensive. They are out there through all kinds of weather and toil. Even washing with soap will dry them out, not to mention cleaning chemicals.
Repcillin is an efficient repair barrier moisturiser and daily application will soothe and nourish your hands.
For really sore, dry skin that you get with health conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, be sure to apply Repcillin high Concentrate at night and wear a pair of cotton gloves so that the oils sink in deeply and go to work all night long.

Sun patches, Solar keratosis, Actinic keratosis

Although not cancerous in themselves, you do have to monitor them so that they don't turn into cancers in the future. Prevention is the key.
Wear sun screen, cover up if you can. Often therapies for this are very painful such as freezing off with liquid nitrogen or acid peels.
You can try Repcillin balm and rub in gently for a few weeks. The sun spots will dry and get flakey, so that you can rub them off. It's a much more gentle and effective option and it doesn't hurt.

Effective Cracked Heels Treatment

There are no oil glands on the feet so this is why you can suffer with dry skin.
Also health problems such as diabetes, thyroid, psoriasis and eczema can aggravate the condition.
Another simple issue is that we tend to neglect our poor feet as they are out of sight most of the time!
Firstly schedule time regularly for a foot pamper. This will help you stay on top of problems. Foot soaks, hard skin removal, nail trimming and mini pedi's all work wonders.
As part of your foot care regime, be sure to include Repcillin Oil, which will soften, soothe and repair your dry skin and heels.
You can even put a few drops in warm water to soak.
After your foot bath, apply more oil and wear some cotton socks overnight so that it really sinks in.

Skin Pigmentation Troubles

It depends on whether you have white patches or dark patches, if Repcillin can help you.
White patches of no pigmentation under the skin is a complaint of the liver. It's called vitiligo and unfortunately there not much to be done about it.
The only time Repcillin will help is in the event of sunburn. Repcillin will soothe the burned skin and reduce inflammation.
If the patches are dark patches or blemishes left by spot scarring, then Repcillin will help fade the patches and even out the skin tone.
It's best to start applying Repcillin as soon as possible after the problem occurs.

Pet Skin Cancer

Our poor pets are not immune to sun damage. Sometimes our pets develp warts like bumps on skin where there is fur.
These are usually benign but they do itch, the pet will scratch and they can bleed.
Often your vet will be able to remove the bump surgically.
But as skin cancer usually occurs in dogs or cats older than 7 yrs, if the dog/cat is really old, vets don't like to perform surgery with a general anaesthetic.
Our Repcillin oil will soothe the skin and help stop the scratching.
As a preventative measure, you could try our ocean friendly sun lotion. There are no chemicals in it and it acts as a sun blocker.
The zinc sits on the skin and reflects the sun.