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Repcillin Business Opportunity

Starting a business venture on your own, without support, can be very daunting. Over and over I have been impressed by the courage of people I've met in learning to run their own small businesses. It takes a leap of faith to overcome the uncertainty and doubt involved in starting a business and relying on your own commitment. At Repcillin, we guide and mentor you through the process of your new business venture with us. There is no need for doubt as our investments hold little financial risk. Our training and systems regarding the Repcillin Investment contain a successful knowledge base and practical tutoring that has been fine tuned and perfected from years of experience and wisdom in the industry. You should recuperate your entire investment quickly with the sales of Repcillin product.

This Repcillin investment has all the appeal of a successful business model with more flexibilty and fewer limitations than a traditional franchise. It also carries much less risk than an independent start-up

John E Sweet- Founder

Repcillin has taken notes and by learning directly from the source of stockists and agents, we have established a proven method to successfully start your own business. We ensure that with your R25'000 Repcillin business venture, that we will mentor you to success and personal growth.

epcillin stands for traditional business principles like equality, great customer service, excellent quality products. But it's also about values like work/life balance and giving back to the community. Our Agents should embody these values.

The Repcillin brand and business has been in existence for over 10 years in South Africa. During this time, we have spread our wings so that our products can be made available in many parts of the world. ​To this end, ​Repcillin products have​ been ​successfully ​registered on the European Cosmetic Product Notification Portal ​undergoing all the ​required safety assessments ​in order ​to comply with the EU Cosmetics Regulations (EC 1223/2009). ​


Emma spends her free time helping out local charities in need. If you are a NPO then she is always happy to assist you in anyway- be sure to give her a call on 041 581 1186 or whatsapp on 076 084 4390.