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The Cleary Estate Cheshire Home was opened in 1993 and accommodates 43 severely disabled adults from very impoverished communities in the surrounding areas as well as rural areas in the Eastern Cape. The Home is situated in the Northern areas of Port Elizabeth where crime, gang warfare, poverty and unemployment are prevalent. The Home provides full care which includes nursing care, meals, laundry and a programme in which we endeavour to meet specific needs of individual residents. We also offer a daycare facility for profoundly disabled and vulnerable children, also from the local community. This outreach service is funded by the Home. The local community has supported us significantly over the years and has volunteered their services in every aspect of Home life. While we are very grateful for this, it is a continuous struggle to keep the doors home due to challenging financial constraints.

Repcillin was the main charity sponsor for their main fundraising event- the Urban Run - and helped them raise over R100k. We sponsor the residents with Repcillin for their bedsores and wounds.

John E Sweet- Founder

The residents are all from very poor families. They have a variety of disabilities that have resulted from motor vehicle accidents, acts of violence, illness, birth defects, cerebral palsy and strokes. Most of our residents are wheelchair bound and dependent upon carers to carry out basic functions of daily living. They need to be washed, dressed, toileted, fed and in spite of having normal minds have learnt the patience that is required to be dependent on someone else for daily care. Many of them are isolated and lonely and have limited family contact. They long to be a part of a so-called normal society and to make a worthwhile contribution to the world as we know it. Some of our residents are furthering their studies at the local Dower College and we do everything we can to encourage this.

The Home is partially funded by Government and the residents pay rental from their disability pensions. Over and above this, we have to raise R50 000 per month to cover basic running costs. We endeavour to run the Home on a tight budget and we work tirelessly towards keeping within this approved budget. We have a small but very hardworking fundraising Committee to raise much needed funds. Our residents assist us where they can and we are so very grateful for all the help we can get. Choose Cheshire Homes Cleary Estate as your MySchool beneficiary! Every swipe counts.

ACC NO: 281 223 475
CODE: 05 1717
Hilary Bolton(Cell: 082 789 4302)


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