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Our poor pets are not immune to sun damage. Sometimes our pets develp warts like bumps on skin where there is fur. These are usually benign but they do itch, the pet will scratch and they can bleed. Often your vet will be able to remove the bump surgically. But as skin cancer usually occurs in dogs older than 7 yrs, if the dog is really old, vets don't like to perform surgery with a general anaesthetic. Our Repcillin oil will soothe the skin and help stop the scratching. As a preventative measure, you could try our ocean friendly sun lotion. There are no chemicals in it and it acts as a sun blocker. The zinc sits on the skin and reflects the sun.

Repcillin does it again !! Since April of this year my employees cat has been suffering with allergies on her face and in her ears. She is only 3 years old. She developed terrible open raw patches above her eyes and in her ears, she was clearly distressed. We first took her to the local vet , where she was injected with anti histamines and given medication. This lasted about 2 weeks , they also shaved her fur off to allow healing. The medicine made her vomit. In sheer frustration we took her to Onderstepoort in Pretoria where they have a teaching hospital for Veterinarians. She spent 3 days and 2 nights , with no clear result.The amount spent at the Vets totalled R9000.00 ($650 USD). After kicking myself hard I remembered Repcillin , having lived in PE and seen the remarkable onset of the product and had personal fantastic results , we looked for the product in Johannesburg. It was not difficult to find in all areas. I did not take before photos unfortunately , it took less than a week with the Repcillin balm to cure Lady Bugs open wounds. We have applied the balm twice a day for a week , there is not even a hint of what was and her fur has grown back. So before we run to Doctors and Vets it would be wiser to try Repcillin. Thank you to those who made this remarkable product.

Shana Salkow JHB , RSA

Dogs suffer with fleas, mites and allergies. They can scratch themselves till they bleed. Hot weather doesn't help as this is usually when the flea season sets in too. You can put all the precautions in place for flea treatment and your dog still scratches. Repcillin helps in many ways. The Repcillin oil will ease skin soreness, as it's anti inflammatory. It reduces the redness. Repcillin oil can "suffocate" surface mites, parasites and fungus. The Omega content of the Oil will help the skin to repair. Apply frequently to your dogs hot spots, red patches, bald patches. It won't matter if it licks the Oil. It's full of natural goodness.

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Emma spends her free time helping out local charities in need. If you are a NPO then she is always happy to assist you in anyway- be sure to give her a call on 041 581 1186 or whatsapp on 076 084 4390.

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