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Health problems such as eczema and psoriasis create really sore and itchy skin. Repcillin will help relieve the inflammation and nourish your skin. This breaks the cycle of itch, scratch, allowing the skin to heal. You can apply Repcillin as often as you like to your dry skin, there's no cortisone or harsh chemicals to cause further problems.

I've been using Repcillin oil for a week on my face every night. Yesterday morning my skin felt flaky and dry and now literally overnight my skin has visibly changed. It is smoother and more glowing. But the big thing is that it's not superficial- all these other brands of skin products you find only touch the top layer and you think "oh wow it's working' but with Repcillin it feels like it's penetrated all the layers of my skin. That's why it's taken a week to notice the change. but WOW. Even my skin colour has changed. It's changed the pigment. My skin is looking fantastic. Im actually quite shocked. I had terrible dry skin around my nose even though it's still a little bit there the rest of my skin is looking nourished and healthy and honestly I think it has been penetrating from down below and not just the top layer I think that's whats been happening. I am stunned at how wonderful this product is.

Adele Gamba

Our hands are work intensive. They are out there through all kinds of weather and toil. Even washing with soap will dry them out, not to mention cleaning chemicals. Repcillin is an efficient repair barrier moisturiser and daily application will soothe and nourish your hands. For really sore, dry skin that you get with health conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, be sure to apply Repcillin at night and wear a pair of cotton gloves so that the oils sink in deeply and go to work all night long.

Julie Sweet

Julie is our in house Repcillin skin care expert. There is nothing that her Sweet personality and knowledge can't fix. Always happy to assist you in anyway- be sure to give her a call on 041 581 1186 or whatsapp on 076 084 4390.

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