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For most types of eczema, the best you can do is manage the condition and its symptoms You have to be aware of what triggers it off. Often This can be allergies, change of seasons and most definitely stress. It helps to have a regular and consistent bathing and moisturising routine. It also helps to have an over the counter cream that works for you and to use it consistently and at the first signs of a flare up. This is where Repcillin helps. There are no harsh chemicals and no cortisone in our products, so there's no need for a doctors /prescription.

My son was 5 month old when he had the eczema and now he is almost 6years. Repcillin has healed his skin significantly and he now has a porcelain skin since then. I recommended your products to quite a lot of people at that time. I believe your company deserves to be praised. Thank you for keep making this product and helping out people who are suffering from skin issues. It surely does affect mental and emotional health when we have skin problems

Olivia Choi

It's easy to manage the bathing routine for babies and children and to daily moisturise their skin to keep the flare ups at bay. Also with allergies and children, then you are the one to provide for your child, so it's easier to spot when something aggravates the condition. What is less easy and very distressing is to cope with eczema at the first instance. The sleepless nights and constant worrying are as bad for the parent as well as the child. The bathing regime should be simple Soak in a warm bath or take a shower and then moisturize immediately afterward (within three minutes). You can use a few drops of Repcillin oil in a baby's bathwater and simply pat dry afterwards. You can use our ultra gentle soap for washing in the shower and moisturise with Repcilin oil afterwards. If there are hotspots on your child such as the creases of the elbow then apply Repcilin balm and cover with a bandage to ensure it stays and soaks and also to stop them scratching and opening the skin. You should put mittens on your baby to stop them scratching. This helps prevent secondary infection, which is a worse problem. Prevention is the key, always have a tube of Repcillin handy to stop a flare up in its tracks.

Julie Sweet

Julie is our in house Repcillin skin care expert. There is nothing that her Sweet personality and knowledge can't fix. Always happy to assist you in anyway- be sure to give her a call on 041 581 1186 or whatsapp on 076 084 4390.

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