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Most of the common health problems which affect humans also affect our pets., especially as they get older. As concerned owners we're looking to discover natural solutions to help them find relief over perhaps a long duration, without worrying about potential side effects of medications. You've prpobably been to a vet already, you know the diagnosis and the medical term. You've probably had the condition under control for a time with medication. Perhaps you now want to go "the natural route" for longer term benefits with a view to prevention. The ingredients in Repcillin are naturally sourced for having high values of the Omega range of EFA"s. This has multiple benefits for your pets. They help support the heart, vision and healthy joints. Provide nutrients to nourish the skin and coat and support the immune system. They also assists in treating allergies.

This rescue dog's mange was so bad the vets said we should put him down. After one month look how beautiful he is. Healthy fur and coat.

Karen Brash

Crocodile Oil has one of the highest documented values of Omega 3, plus anti fungal and bacteriostatic properties. CBD Oil 400mg is a proven anti inflammatory, pain killer; a stress and anxiety reliever and it promotes homeostasis, that is; your body functions working at optimum levels. Cannabis Sativa Oil promotes good circulation and improves overall organ function. It benefits the eyes, brain, skin, heart, bones, joints and immune system These Oils are blended in a carrier oil base of Coconut MCT, Sunflower seed Oil and Grapeseed Oil. A tried and tested favourite blend of our product range.
You can add a few drops of Repcillin Green to your food daily or you massage a few drops into your skin. It's quickly absorbed. Take 2/3 daily depending on your size and problem. You can do this twice a day if required. All our Oils are sourced from ethical and sustainable farms. The CBD Oil is organic and CO2 extracted. There is no psychoactive component in our formulation, you can't get high and it's not illegal in any way. The information above is not a substitute for a professional diagnosis from a medical professional. It is intended for educational purposes only.

Julie Sweet

Julie is our in house Repcillin skin care expert. There is nothing that her Sweet personality and knowledge can't fix. Always happy to assist you in anyway- be sure to give her a call on 041 581 1186 or whatsapp on 076 084 4390.

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