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Repcillin Price List

FREE DELIVERY on orders over R450. Orders under R450 will be charged R100 for delivery.
We are happy to tailor make combo packages to suit your skin condition. Email Julie with your requirements: / 041 581 1186
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Repcillin Tube (50ml)

A "go-to" skin balm to soothe and help repair cuts bruises, minor burns, sunburn, eczema flare ups, insect bites and itches, spots, cracked heels. Try it on your sore skin!

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Repcillin High Concentrate

A rescue treatment for really sore skin, which is gentle enough for all ages and skin types. Use as often as you need to relieve the "ouch" . Used frequently for children's eczema flare ups.

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Repcillin Oil

Rapidly absorbed skin conditioner for normal skin as well as problem skin. A little goes a long way.

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Repcillin Pet Oil

Our pets also suffer with skin problems. Give them relief with our rapidly absorbed Pet Oil. Suitable for itchy skin, minor cuts and burns, sunburn, mangey skin, greasy heel, shedding, sore paws and claws.

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Repcillin Soap

Kind and gentle hand made soap which delivers cleansing without drying out the skin.

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Repcillin Combo

An assortment of our skin range to take your skin from sore to soothed and maintain it. We're happy to build a custom combo for your specific needs. Each combo contains a FREE gift. Contact us for help and info.

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