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Instructions for use

Make sure the sore skin is clean and dry. Squeeze a pea sized amount of Repcillin Balm onto your fingertips and gently massage into the affected area.Leave to sink in. Repeat as often as required.

Refund Policy

We are so certain our products will help you that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. We’re proud of our awesome customer care.

Product Repcillin Standard Balm
Size 15g
Dimensions 9cm x 4cm
Ingredients 100% Natural. Not suitable for vegans
Storage Room temperature not exceeding 25'C

Im actually quite shocked.

Adele Gamba

I’ve been using Repcillin oil for a week on my face every night. Yesterday morning my skin felt flaky and dry and now literally overnight my skin has visibly changed. It is smoother and more glowing. But the big thing is that it’s not superficial- all these other brands of skin products you find only touch the top layer and you think “oh wow it's working’ but with Repcillin it feels like it's penetrated all the layers of my skin. That's why it's taken a week to notice the change. but WOW. Even my skin colour has changed. It's changed the pigment. My skin is looking fantastic. Im actually quite shocked. I had terrible dry skin around my nose even though it's still a little bit there the rest of my skin is looking nourished and healthy and honestly I think it has been penetrating from down below and not just the top layer I think that's whats been happening. I am stunned at how wonderful this product is.

I don't have pimples and blackheads anymore 

Queen Mhlongo

"Thank you very much for the soap you've send me I don't know where do I begin to thank you. The soap you've send is doing amazing work on my face I don't have pimples and blackheads anymore the transformation I see on my face is amazing thank you so much."

Results are good

Dineo Kgotlagomang

Thank you Repcillin.... We are continuing and the results are good.... God bless your team

Assist your children when taking care of their skin


As a parent you will do anything in your power to assist your children when taking care of their skin (especially teenagers being conscious of scarring). We started out using Repcillin for eczema, then tried it on insect bites (which can leave ugly scars if not taken care of) and ended up using it for almost anything skin related It is even an effective moisturiser, especially after hours in a swimming pool during summer season. As swimmers and water-polo players the harsh chemicals in combination with the sun left theirs skins dried. No moisturizer has achieved what this product has.