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Instructions for use

Make sure the sore skin is clean and dry. Squeeze a pea sized amount of Repcillin Balm onto your fingertips and gently massage into the affected area.Leave to sink in. Repeat as often as required.

Refund Policy

We are so certain our products will help you that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. We’re proud of our awesome customer care.

Product Repcillin 15ml Standard Balm, 30ml High Concentrate,and 30ml Oil
Size various
Dimensions various
Ingredients 100% Natural. Not suitable for vegans
Storage Room temperature not exceeding 25'C

This is an awesome product 

Sershan Govender

Hi there, My 3 year old had a terrible allergy, it looked like insect bites on her leg with bad marks. We bought repcillin from the Hillcrest croc world and within 2 weeks the scars was gone. Another incident, my 11 year old had chapped lips. Vaseline and Aloe Vera wont even help, the Repcillin did the trick with 3 days. This is an awesome product which not many people know about or trust.

Works really well 

Nadia Bosch

I woke up on Saturday morning and my upper lip was very swollen but not sore. I don't know what caused it but it might've been an allergy. I put a thick layer of the Repcillin balm on my lips and didn't eat or drink too much in the day because I was worried about irritating it. I continued to put Repcillin on a couple of times during the day and each night before bed. On Monday morning it was completely clear! Such a great product and I'm happy to have it around at home. Repcillin also works really well on healing my cuts from playing with my cat and also helps to stop it scarring. I love Repcillin!"

Repcillin is really good! 

June Burt

I used it for a deep scratch caused by my puppies tooth - Repcillin is really good!

After one week it is nearly healed


I heard about it from a friend so I did some research and it looked promising. I then purchased a 15ml tub from the Linksfield Pharmacy in Gauteng and found that it worked really well. I have had a scar that kept opening on my arm and it has been a few months that it does not seem to want to heal. I tried the small tube of 'skin care and repair' and after one week it is nearly healed:-). I have now ordered the oil and bigger tube of the balm to use on my body and for whenever I get a cut or dry skin.