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Instructions for use

Make sure the sore skin is clean and dry. Squeeze a pea sized amount of Repcillin Balm onto your fingertips and gently massage into the affected area.Leave to sink in. Repeat as often as required.

Refund Policy

We are so certain our products will help you that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. We’re proud of our awesome customer care.

Product Repcillin Standard Balm
Size 15g
Dimensions 9cm x 4cm
Ingredients 100% Natural. Not suitable for vegans
Storage Room temperature not exceeding 25'C

Worked like a bomb

Monique Pharaoh

Awesome for eczema aswell, worked like a bomb for my daughter's severe eczema. Thanks Repcillin team.


Elizabeth Bronkhorst

These products are awesome and help for bad eczema

Natural gentle products

Janine Pretorius

The scalyness of the eczema on my legs is decreasing by the day. From the 3rd application I was starting to take off little loose scaly pieces and am still doing it every day or at the least ever 2nd day, I think from having the eczema since about 2001 that it has damaged my skin layers deep down so I am expecting this to happen for quite some time as the balm is working its way through the layers of skin. The redness has also decreased last week. I use it twice a day and if I am near it and the area is dry then I reapply. I don't wash my hair every day in general, normally once to twice a week, but I put the oil on my scalp every night and if I know that I'm definitely going somewhere the next day then I wash my hair that morning to take the oil out, I can definitely feel less scabs on my head. I am very happy so far with these natural gentle products.

Sooooo much better!


After only 2 days... already sooooo much better! Thank you so much. L xxx