Repcillin Treatment for Skin Problems

Repcillin For Pets

Your best buddy is not immune to skin problems.

Whether your best friend is a dog, cat, rabbit, snake, iguana, budgie, cockatiel, sheep or a mini pig, we’re sure Repcillin Pet Oil can come to your rescue.

Repcillin Treatment for Beauty

We’re used to tackling all kinds of skin problems at Repcillin, so looking after healthy skin is a walk in the park.

We do know that you can get break outs for all different reasons, hormones, change of seasons, stress, pregnancy, all kinds of problems where your body is out of balance and shows on your skin

Repcillin Donation for Spaniel Welfare

Repcillin Donated Pet Oils to Spaniel Welfare SA to help treat one of their rescue pups - Bobby. See his story here.

Repcillin Donation for Horses

“As horse racing enthusiasts we are extremely glad to be able to offer this Repcillin donation at a time when the injured Fairview horses were in desperate need of wound treatment”, says Emma Sweet of Repcillin.