Repcillin Reviews & Testimonials

Customers initially tell us that nothing else has worked for them,
then, they tell us they wished they had tried our products sooner,
because they are the only products that have brought relief!

  • Sunburn - Peta Edwards

    If ever you have a bad burn #Repcillin is the best - it not only reduces the redness quickly but helps reduce the possibility of peeling and the pain and inflammation - keep using it as an after care to nourish and restore your skin

  • Eczema - Addis Mears

    I've heard a lot abt Repcillin,I used a little which my friend works like a bomb I need to get more. this really works hey try it people .

  • Skin Graft - Sonia Welsh-Bury

    This stuff WORKS. My husband had a skin graft on his shin recently. It was taking weeks to heal until he put Repcillin Balm on it. After 3 days it suddenly healed beautifully.

  • Cracked Heels - Ruline de Bruyn

    I use Repcillin on my elbows and if I get cracked heels. Magic...

  • Mosquito Bites - Maureen Burn

    Try it on your mosquito bites........"It Works" and if you can apply before scratching them -they disappear.

  • Sore Skin - Rainy December

    I love my Repcillin. Thanks so much! It works very well on my allergic itchy skin.

  • Eczema - Laurika Du Toit Roberts

    Have been using Repcillin for years. My daughters actually reminds me to get more when theirs are done. So worth it. I am a believer and the results will convince anyone.

  • Skin Rashes - Marilyn Conradie

    I use Repcillin for many things. Cracked heels, chaffed hands, skin rashes, itchy feet. It's a miracle ointment and worthy of praise.

  • Dog's Skin - Jen van Litsenborgh

    This is a brilliant product for humans and animals - have been using it for years and it really is amazing google it and you will get a better idea of the range of the product.

  • Cracked Feet - Cathy Ann

    Not just amazing products .. but amazing staff as well!

  • Itchy Skin - Sandra Hardie

    Magic muti!

  • Suresh Naidoo

    Your products are great.

  • Dog's Hotspots - Chris

    Wow Wow Wow! Thank you so uch for great service and advice. I sent through photo's of my dog and Julie was very attentive and so helpful. His itchy skin and hotspots are a thing of the past. Great to have a local company with good service as well as great products. Repcillin is the best. God Bless.

  • Acne - Queen Mhlongo

    Thank you very much for the soap you've send me I don't know where do I begin to thank you. The soap you've send is doing amazing work on my face I don't have pimples and blackheads anymore the transformation I see on my face is amazing thank you so much.

  • Dermatitis - Maryna Vorster

    I suffer from contact dermatitis. I have tried numerous over the counter medications/balms, nothing else has worked. My husband works in Germiston and purchased me Repcillin. My hands have never looked better. Thank you for your excellent product.

  • Sting Allergy - N Bosch

    I woke up on Saturday morning and my upper lip was very swollen but not sore. I don't know what caused it but it might've been an allergy. I put a thick layer of the Repcillin balm on my lips and didn't eat or drink too much in the day because I was worried about irritating it. I continued to put Repcillin on a couple of times during the day and each night before bed. On Monday morning it was completely clear! Such a great product and I'm happy to have it around at home. Repcillin also works really well on healing my cuts from playing with my cat and also helps to stop it scarring. I love Repcillin!

  • Acne - Laurika

    As a parent you will do anything in your power to assist your children when taking care of their skin (especially teenagers being conscious of scarring). We started out using Repcillin for eczema, then tried it on insect bites (which can leave ugly scars if not taken care of) and ended up using it for almost anything skin related It is even an effective moisturiser, especially after hours in a swimming pool during summer season. As swimmers and water-polo players the harsh chemicals in combination with the sun left theirs skins dried. No moisturizer has achieved what this product has.

  • Severe Wound - C Howes

    "Dear Repcillin Team, I recently went to the dentist for a filling, the drill slipped and sliced through my tongue, deep enough that my dentist asked me to come back the next morning for a check-up with the specialist on stand-by to see if it required stitches. I applied Repcillin ointment directly to the area throughout the day/evening. When I went for the check up less than 24 hours later the dentist was completely amazed that there was no inflammation and that the wound had started to close. I applied Repcillin ointment directly to the area throughout the day/evening. When I went for the check up less than 24 hours later the dentist was completely amazed that there was no inflammation and that the wound had started to close. Thanks for a great product!"

  • Spider Bite - Letitia Hall Kotze

    I was able to access a tub of Repcillin 2 years ago when my husband was bitten by a Sac Spider. All known medication didn't work, but when he started using Repcillin, there was a steady and marked improvement in the bite area. We've since heard that the Sac spider is the 2nd most poisonous spider in South Africa and that its bite can cause the surrounding area to collapse, leaving am ugly dent once the infection from the bite has cleared up! Thanks to Repcillin his wound healed beautifully and there are no indentations at all!

  • Sesitive Facial Skin - Adele Gamba

    I’ve been using Repcillin oil for a week on my face every night. It is smoother and more glowing. But the big thing is that it’s not superficial- all these other brands of skin products you find only touch the top layer and you think “oh wow it's working’ but with Repcillin it feels like it's penetrated all the layers of my skin.
    My skin is looking fantastic. Im actually quite shocked. I think it has been penetrating from down below and not just the top layer I think that's whats been happening. I am stunned at how wonderful this product is

  • Baby Eczema - Olivia Choi

    My son was 5 month old when he had the eczema and now he is almost 6years. Repcillin has healed his skin significantly and he now has a porcelain skin since then. I recommended your products to quite a lot of people at that time. I believe your company deserves to be praised. Thank you for keep making this product and helping out people who are suffering from skin issues. It surely does affect mental and emotional health when we have skin problems.

  • Baby Eczema - Bernelee Koert

    "me, partner and baby started using your product results!!! we're amazed!!!! My partner's back looks soo much better my pigmentation is also starting to fade. Babies skin is always moisturised. And dry facial skin is a thing of the past for me. Words can't describe how greatful we are. 

  • Bad Sore Marks - Sershan Govender

    My 3 year old had a terrible allergy, it looked like insect bites on her leg with bad marks. We bought Repcillin from the Hillcrest croc world and within 2 weeks the scars was gone. Another incident, my 11 year old had chapped lips. Vaseline and Aloe Vera wont even help, the Repcillin did the trick with 3 days. This is an awesome product which not many people know about or trust.

  • Gebarste hakke - Juliana Greyvenstein

    Het by n vriendin van dit gekry. Dus n wonderlike sagte produk vir skurwe gebarste hakke en elmboo se skurfheid sag en streelint jy sien die verskil na n paar keer se gebruik beter as healbam.

  • Dineo Kgotlagomang

    Thank you Repcillin.... We are continuing and the results are good.... God bless your team

  • Monique Pharaoh

    Awesome for eczema aswell, worked like a bomb for my daughter's severe eczema. Thanks Repcillin team.

  • Elizabeth Bronkhorst

    These products are awesome and help for bad eczema

  • Noluthando Manasseh Zandile

    I use it on my heels and they not cranky anymore, I can wear slops with confidence.

  • Carla Marais

    Definitely for cracked heels and rashes. My husband uses it for razor burn and bumps.

  • June Burt

    I used it for a deep scratch caused by my puppies tooth - Repcillin is really good!

  • Severe Eczema - Liezel Snyman Marais

    Same for me! Tuesday marks my one week. Severe dry sensitive skin- eczema allergic loving the products!!!

  • Would & Scar - Shaun Engler

    I use these products all the time and it’s the best. This treatment works. Used it on my knee after operation. Scar is way better now

  • Yaaksha Govender

    There's Nothing more Magical the Repcillin High Concentrate Crocodile Balm ! All Products are awesome!

  • Severe Eczema - Jolene de Sousa

    I bought Repcillin with the intention of using myself but instead ended up giving it to a friend who's little daughter suffers from bad eczema on her feet. It cleared it really quickly and also took away the red swelling that lingers after the eczema.

  • Cuts & Dry Skin - Franco

    I then purchased a 15ml tub from the Linksfield Pharmacy in Gauteng and found that it worked really well- after one week it is nearly healed :-)
    I have now ordered the oil and bigger tube to use on my body and for whenever I get a cut or dry skin!

  • Cracked Heels - Edlyn Lim

    I have always cracked heels during winter and i hate to see my feet. Within 1 week of Repcillin, I can the difference on my heels. From that day until now never suffered from crack heel and I recommend with all my friends and they are amazed on how it works wonders.