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30 x Super-Clean Cloths

30 x Super-Clean Cloths

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Single use. Recyclable. Biodegradable.

W. It is well-established in the scientific community that bacteria can persist in cloths & towels, even after they have been washed.

This bacteria often causes breakouts and inflammation.

Bacteria can survive in fabrics by attaching to the fibers and forming a biofilm, which is a protective layer that shields the bacteria from the environment. This makes it difficult for
detergents and disinfectants to penetrate and kill the bacteria.

Meaning, even if you think your face cloths are clean, they likely are full of bad bacteria! YUCK!

Repcillin Super-Clean Face Cloths are guaranteed bacteria-free! 

Their soft texture gently cleanses and soothes skin, without causing further irritation, which can lead to many skin problems, such as acne and premature skin aging. Repcillin Super-Clean Face Cloths are a clean, gentle, and effective way to cleanse your skin.

1. Wash your face with Repcillin soap.
2. Unwrap the compressed facial towel and place it in a clean bowl or sink.
3. Run warm water over the towel until it is fully saturated. As the towel soaks up the water, it will begin to expand.
4. Gently squeeze the towel to remove any excess water. Do not wring it out, as this can damage the fibers.
5. Place the towel on your face, and press it gently against your skin. The warmth and moisture from the towel will help to open up your pores.
6. Leave the towel on your face for a few minutes, allowing the steam to penetrate your skin. 
7. Remove the towel and rinse your face with cool water to close your pores.
8. Dispose of the used towel, or wash it thoroughly in hot water and detergent before using it again for a different purpose.

By washing your face with Repcillin soap first, you can remove dirt, oil, and other impurities from your skin, allowing the compressed facial towel to better penetrate and hydrate your skin. Enjoy the benefits of a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home with Repcillin Super-Clean Cloths.

Includes 30 x Super-Clean Cloth Units

What can I use this for?

Our Repcillin product range offer a gentle, alternative skin care solution. Our products have been used on children's eczema, dermatitis, acne, razor burn and bumps, pet's itchy skin, bed sores, discolouration and skin pigmentation, dark circles under eyes, minor burns, dryness and flakiness of the skin, bar rot (paronychia), nappy rash, abrasions, scrapes. athlete's foot, itchy scalp, psoriasis, sunburn, skin allergies, blisters, insect bites, thrush, warts and ulcers.


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100% Natural. We use quality controlled and quality sourced natural ingredients in all our products.

Repcillin contains special ingredients you will find in nature. The Crocodile Oil contains superhero properties- anti- inflammatory, anti-fungal and bacteriostatic.

The other Oils contain Essential Fatty Acids which nourish your skin and help it to heal. We don’t use harsh chemicals, or parabens or micro beads or steroids.


If your skin is hurting you, then apply Repcillin as often as you like, you can’t overdose. You won’t harm your skin.

Repcillin is gentle and effective on stressed, sore and delicate skin. Suitable for male, female, young, old, healthy and all colours.

You can use Repcillin on your baby, your baby bump, your granny, your child, your partner. Your self, with confidence.

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  • Best thing since sliced bread

    When I visited the crocodile Park here in KZN ..I got chatting with one of the tour guides he mentioned repcillin and how wonderful it was. I started applying Repcillin and within a week my rash was something of the past. It's the best thing since sliced bread. Go on and try it. -
    Renuka Lallbahadur

  • This stuff was a blessing

    Balm. Balm... balm. This stuff was a blessing to my oldest kid at a time when nothing worked. -
    Gabriella And Derick Ruth

  • Miracle ointment

    I use Repcillin for many things. Cracked heels, chaffed hands, skin rashes, itchy feet. It's a miracle ointment and worthy of praise.-
    Marilyn Conradie

  • Suddenly healed beautifully

    This stuff WORKS. My husband had a skin graft on his shin recently. It was taking weeks to heal until he put Repcillin Balm on it. After 3 days it suddenly healed beautifully. -
    Sonia Welsh-Bury

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